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Nearly Half a Century with Ross Mortgage: Ruth Maisano’s 44 Year Journey

September 29, 2016

At Ross Mortgage, employee satisfaction and culture matters. Since we opened our doors in 1949, we’ve been committed to providing amazing support and stability to our employees, which is why Michigan’s top loan officers choose to work with us.

Ross Mortgage is an ideal place to work for the person looking for a career, not a job. When new members join our team, they know it’s a place they’ll hang their hat long-term. After integrating into Ross Mortgage – through training and team building events – our employees realize the grass really is greener at Ross. We’re a company people retire from, not a stepping stone like so many other mortgage companies, and that has been a huge contributor to our success in attracting the best talent.

We work hard to retain and provide all of our employees with a comfortable, friendly environment. Because of this, we’ve been able to build incredible operations and sales teams with the most knowledgeable, communicative people in the business.

We also believe in rewarding our employees for their hard work. Our top-producing loan officers are recognized annually with an all-expense-paid trip, and we do several fun luncheons for the company throughout the year. These acts of kindness make our team stronger, and helps boost Ross’ culture and morale.

Our dedication to creating a positive work environment is why the average Ross Mortgage employee stays with the company for a decade. However, one employee in particular has been with Ross Mortgage for nearly half a century. We’d like to introduce you to Ruth Maisano, fulfillment center manager at our corporate headquarters in Troy, MI, who has been with Ross Mortgage for 44 years.

Q: How many years of experience do you have in the mortgage industry, how long have you worked at Ross Mortgage?
I started with Ross Mortgage Corporation in 1972. I began my career as an administrative assistant and bookkeeping clerk, and moved my way up to bookkeeping manager and assistant treasurer. I have since worked in numerous positions like foreclosure, payoff, data entry, processing and underwriting.

I am currently the Fulfillment Center Manager and work with our investors, sending them the recorded mortgages and final title policies, which takes care of any issues we may have with these documents. I also prepare and record affidavits of error and discharge of mortgages.

Q: How has Ross Mortgage changed over the last 40+ years?
Although Ross Mortgage has grown exponentially since I started 44 years ago, they’re still a family-orientated company. They’re also forward thinking and are always keeping new products and technological advancements, like the My Mortgage by Ross Mortgage app, top of mind.

Q: How did you advance your career? What motivational factors, goals and/or opportunities helped you get where you are today?
As previously mentioned, I’ve held numerous titles throughout my time at Ross Mortgage. With each role change, I’ve had the pleasure of learning many different aspects of the mortgage business. Showing the willingness to learn and work hard has worked for me.

Q: Why did you choose to join the Ross Mortgage team, and why have you remained a loyal employee for 40+ years?
To be completely honest, I joined the company when I was fresh out of high school because I needed a job. However, I have stayed at the same company for 44 years because it’s a wonderful place to work. They accommodate their employees’ needs and truly care about every person they employ. As a family-owned company, Ross Mortgage values work-life balance.

Q: In terms of career opportunities, what sets Ross apart from other employers?
I don’t know of any other mortgage companies, especially other Michigan mortgage lenders, that are family-orientated like Ross Mortgage!

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?
I enjoy whenever I can help a borrower, old or new, take care of a problem, even if it’s as simple as informing them where to make their mortgage payment. I can honestly say that I enjoy going to work knowing that I am doing a great job because of everything Ross Mortgage has done for me over the years.

Q: What can other mortgage industry professionals do to be more successful in their careers?
There are four key things mortgage professionals can do to earn success in this industry: work hard, be honest, be dedicated and do the best you can every day.

If you’re interested in learning more about the career opportunities we offer, please visit our website or send us a message with your interest.