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Introducing The My Mortgage by Ross Mortgage App: A Home Buying Companion For Consumers and Realtors

May 6, 2016

Here at Ross Mortgage, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Our mission: Make the process of securing a home loan as simple as possible.

While we take great pride in our commitment to superior customer service and place a high value on personal interaction with clients, we realize that technology is playing a bigger role in the home buying process.

As a forward-thinking company, we know the importance of staying on top of advancements in technology in order to continue providing our clients with powerful solutions that streamline the mortgage application process.

With that, we’d like to introduce you to the new My Mortgage by Ross Mortgage app.

Introducing My Mortgage by Ross Mortgage

Built specifically for homebuyers looking to purchase a home, the My Mortgage by Ross Mortgage app will simplify and speed up the lending process. This exclusive app for Ross Mortgage customers is also a great tool for homeowners wanting to refinance, as well as realtors looking to deliver superior service to their clients. With this app, users are able to:

  • Calculate loan costs: Determine what you can afford, calculate monthly payments, establish costs associated with purchasing a new home, calculate refinancing costs, and save these calculations to compare different loans.
  • Save important contact information: Easily store contact information for your Ross Mortgage loan officer and realtor, and view their listings with ease.
  • Scan and upload documents: Use your phone’s camera to capture critical documents and send them to your Ross Mortgage loan officer and realtor.
  • Receive updates on the status of their loan: Check the progress of your loan, as well as view your home buying to-do list.
  • Get smart about home buying: Receive industry news alerts, At Any Rate blog posts and articles relevant to the home buying process, and look up important financial terms in the glossary.

The My Mortgage by Ross Mortgage App is available for download now in both the Apple App Store for Apple devices and the Google Play store for Android devices.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer that has a lot of questions about the mortgage process, a homeowner wanting to refinance or a realtor looking to guide your homebuyers in the right direction, we’re here to answer your questions. Send us a message! We’d be happy to connect you with one of our expert loan officers.