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Perks of Working for Ross Mortgage: Honoring This Year’s President’s Club Members

March 17, 2016

Ask our lending team what they enjoy most about working at Ross Mortgage and why they chose to build their career with us, and you’ll likely hear responses like:

This is a company that makes it easy to hold your head up high and tell customers and business partners who you work for. Real estate agents and title companies consistently tell me how grateful they are to have Ross Mortgage as a lending partner.” Tony Abate, Branch Manager

“I was captivated by Ross Mortgage’s reputation in the marketplace. Since 1949, they’ve been committed to earning the trust and respect of their clients and it shows. The fact that Ross Mortgage has stood the test of time is a testimony to the way the company treats its customers and employees.” – Tim Merritt, Loan Officer

“Ross has an impeccable reputation. They really focus on making sure their employees are true professionals in their roles by offering continuing education and training opportunities that challenge everyone to be forward thinking in terms of today’s evolving lending standards.” – Dan Meister, Loan Officer

We’ve worked hard to develop our reputation in the marketplace over the past 60 years, and would like to thank our exceptional team of lending experts for carrying forth our commitment to professionalism, integrity and quality service.

From origination and processing through underwriting and closing, we could not be more proud of our team for rallying around every loan to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all parties involved. It’s through your collective efforts that we have been able to earn the trust and respect of real estate peers and homebuyers, alike.

We strongly believe in celebrating successes at every level, and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate this year’s President’s Club inductees on achieving their production goals and upholding our standard of operational excellence.

In recognition of their hard work, we treated President’s Club members to an all-expense-paid trip to Cancun, Mexico—just one of the perks of working for Ross Mortgage.

“It was nice of corporate to offer an incentive for reaching our goals, and the trip was a lot of fun,” said Jenny Miller, a loan officer with our Clarkston branch. “2015 was a great year for everyone in the company, and we all saw increases in our production for a variety of reasons.”

Last year, Tim Merritt, a loan officer with our Livonia branch, received our Silver Lender Award. Like many others within the company, Tim has worked hard over the past year to build upon his success and achieved his goal of increasing his production levels by more than 20%, earning a spot in the President’s Club.

Here at Ross Mortgage Corporation, we’re all about helping our loan officers expand their knowledge, enhance their reputation and excel in their careers. Whether we’re hosting exclusive training sessions with premier mortgage academies, partnering with real estate agents and title companies to host home buying seminars and continuing education courses or investing in powerful marketing and advertising software, we make it a priority to invest in our team of talented loan officers through ongoing professional development opportunities.


We also realize the importance of work-life balance. From company trips and office parties to company-wide wellness challenges, we take time to reward our employees by having a little fun at the office every now and then.


If you’re interested in learning more about the career opportunities we offer, please visit our website or send us a message with your interest.