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6 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Spring

March 23, 2016

Spring has finally sprung! After a cold and dark winter, it’s nice to see sunshine and breathe in the fresh air. However, before you play hard, it’s time to work hard. Prepare your home for spring with these important maintenance suggestions.

Inspect The Roof and Driveway
Winter can be a trying time for your home’s roof, as ice and snow buildup can result in the loss of shingles or cracks in seals. To prevent leaking, take the time to examine your roof for obvious signs of damage. If you’re concerned about the condition of your roof, consider contacting a roofing professional to evaluate the damaged areas.

Much like your roof, cold weather, ice and snow can affect the condition of your driveway. You’ll want to patch all cracks and determine if its time again to coat your driveway with sealer.

Tune-Up Yard Care Equipment
Spring is the perfect time to give your yard a little TLC. Set aside time to check all of your outdoor power equipment, especially those requiring gas or batteries. Make sure you have backup batteries and gas cans on hand, as finding yourself out of power in the middle of a project is not fun. Get the most out of manicuring your lawn by sharpening the blades on your mower.

Adopt A Green Thumb
Every gardener’s personal nightmare is a yard full of weeds and crabgrass. Be proactive and avoid this problem by applying fertilizer and weed preventer before the pesky green tufts sprout. If you apply it too late, it can prove to be a daunting task trying to catch up.

In addition to fertilizing, preparing your perennial flowerbeds early, before the plants begin to grow and spread out, will make your job much easier. This is also a good time to lay down fresh compost and mulch, and also pluck unwanted weeds. 

Clean Windows
Your windows need to be washed in the springtime, both inside and out. While washing your windows, inspect the window screens for signs of distress, rips and tears. Wash the screens in good condition, and replace damaged ones. While your focus in on your windows, check the sealant to ensure there aren’t any leaks. 

Your gutters will be getting a lot of action during the rainy season. Although you cleaned your gutters during the fall, be sure to double-check for debris buildup, especially if your yard has a lot of tall trees. Check the downspout for cracks or signs of damage, and be sure to point them away from your home’s foundation. 

Is the exterior of your home looking tired? Consider repainting for a fresh, new look. Painters get booked up early on during the spring and summer months, so be sure to get a head start and make an appointment as soon as possible.

Do you have any tips to prepare your home for spring? Share your favorites in the comments.