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Why Loan Officers Choose to Work With Ross Mortgage

April 17, 2015

Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Do you want to join a growing company that invests in employees, provides professional development opportunities and sets their staff members up for success?

As a leading Michigan mortgage lender, we’ve been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. Over the past 60 years, we’ve developed a reputation built on professionalism, integrity and quality service, and have earned the trust and respect of real estate professionals and homebuyers alike.

We realize that providing our employees with the tools and resources they need to enhance their skills not only enables them to advance their careers, it helps them establish long-lasting relationships with clients, referral sources and other key members of the real estate community.

If you want to build a successful career in the mortgage banking industry, and work for company that’s committed to your success, read on to learn more about the perks of joining the Ross Mortgage team.

Expand your knowledge

At Ross Mortgage, we’re committed to providing employees with the skillsets they need to advance their careers. That’s why we make it a priority to invest in our team of talented loan officers through professional development and ongoing educational opportunities. Not only do we foster a collaborative environment wherein we share best practices, transfer our expertise and build upon each other’s experiences, we offer our loan officers the opportunity to receive exclusive training from Xinnix, the premier training academy for mortgage professionals. Here’s what just a few of our loan officers had to say after completing their Xinnix training.

Build your brand

All of our loan officers have access to powerful marketing and advertising software services that help them build their personal brand. We also provide our loan officers with their own customizable website, which is fully integrated with our robust customer relationship marketing (CRM) system.

With the ability to choose from thousands of automated marketing campaigns and create custom “hotlists” with set parameters, our loan officers are able to maintain consistent communication with prospects, clients and referral sources, provide an exceptional customer service experience and convert leads into loans.

Excel at what you do best

Each loan officer website also provides buyers with a simple, safe and secure way to apply for a mortgage online. Our secure client portal offers homebuyers a convenient way to upload financial documents, communicate with their loan officer and stay updated on the status of their loan.

We also utilize a program called Pre-Flight, which helps our loan officers conveniently convert leads into loans. By filling out a simple form online, prospects are provided with a safe and secure method to begin the pre-approval process. Once the form is filled out, prospects receive instant access to their credit score and the loan officer receives a notification with the information needed to start the process.

With programs that automatically process information for you, you’ll spend less time doing administrative work and more time exceling at what you do best.

Enhance your reputation

In today’s relationship-based economy, we understand the importance of connecting with business partners and referral sources through meaningful touchpoints. We regularly partner with real estate agents and title companies to host mutually beneficial events and valuable networking opportunities, such as home buying seminars and continuing education courses.

As a trusted mortgage partner, we’re dedicated to providing real estate members with information, tools and resources they can use to enhance their business operations, while enabling our team of lending experts to assert their thought leadership and establish meaningful connections with other like-minded individuals in the real estate community.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Whether we’re hosting a party for the Dream Cruise, coordinating a Detroit Tiger’s spirit day or organizing a Fitbit challenge for a trip to Mackinac Island, we realize the importance of work-life balance and celebrate our team member’s hard work by having a little fun at the office every now and then.

At Ross Mortgage Corporation, we’re all about helping our loan officers expand their knowledge, enhance their reputation and excel at what they do best. If you’re looking to build a career in the mortgage industry and want to join a growing company that invests in its employees’ careers, we’d love to talk with you about your career aspirations.

If you’re interested in learning more about the career opportunities we offer, please visit our website or send us a message with your interest.