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Dione Oliver Shares What It Takes To Be a Top Loan Officer at Ross Mortgage

October 7, 2016

To help you learn more about the career opportunities available at Ross Mortgage, we’re continuing our employee profile series featuring some of our talented team members. This week, we introduce you to Dione Oliver.


Upward mobility and employee satisfaction are important to us at Ross Mortgage, which is why we have the necessary tools and training programs in place for our team members to grow in their professional roles. When our employees are ready to take a step forward in their careers, they can turn to us for support and know we’ll support their goals and help them take a leap forward.

Over the past several years, Dione Oliver has proved to be a go-getter and vital asset to our company. As a result of her professionalism, determination and dedication, Dione was recently promoted to branch manager of our Flint, MI location. Learn more about her branch, and how she has carved her own path to success in her career and here at Ross Mortgage.

Q: How did you get into the mortgage industry?
I was introduced to the real estate market by chance, but it changed my entire life. I was a stay at home mom for a while and needed something to get me out of the house while my son was at school. I was told about an opportunity for a receptionist at a top producing real estate company in my area. It didn’t take long before I knew I wanted more, and one of the top producing real estate agents approached me to become their personal assistant. While juggling both the personal assistant position and learning the curves of the mortgage industry, I was forced to choose which career path I wanted to take. I learned that the independence the career as a loan officer had to offer was the way to go.

Q: How did you advance your career? What motivational factors, goals and opportunities helped you get where you are today?
Hard work, dedication and a passion to help others is how I have gotten where I am. I was raised in a home with hard working parents who always encouraged me to do whatever I set my mind to and to never settle for anything less than what I deserve. I’ve had trials and tribulations like we all have, but I knew I wanted something different and something better for myself and my son.

The market was extremely saturated when I made the decision to become a loan officer. There was a great deal of competition, and nonconforming loans were the “it” thing. However, I was encouraged to go after the government and conventional business by my mentors. I was trained to seek out referrals from realtors and other sources that would outlive any refinance boom and the nonconforming market. I remember staying late in the evening with anybody that would agree to work late and help train me. (Bribing people with food, coffee and candy worked wonders!)

Outside of wanting to experience the challenge of a new career, one of the things that motivated me the most, and I’ll definitely never forget, was when someone in the industry told me that I could not succeed in this type of business. That only inspired me to work harder. I love a challenge!

Q: What are some of your most notable career accomplishments at Ross Mortgage? Why?
Oddly enough, I was at the gym when I decided to call Ross Mortgage home! I was on the treadmill talking to the head of sales at the time about a particularly difficult loan I was working on. I remember saying to him, “I’m going to dedicate myself to Ross Mortgage and bleed red, white and blue.” From that day forward I did exactly that. It was a major turning point in my career. My business doubled and is still growing. I went from dreaming about being a top loan officer to being recognized as a part of the President’s Club two years in a row. I hope to continue to grow with the support of my team and Ross Mortgage.

Q: Are there any exciting things happening within the next few months at the Flint branch?
Yes, absolutely!! We are trying to do local advertising to promote the Flint branch in a way that Flint has not been promoted otherwise. We are looking at growing the branch by hiring new loan officers and giving people the opportunity to recognize their dreams in a way that I have recognized mine. It can, and will, happen here! If I can do it, anyone can, too. Ross Mortgage makes sure you receive the training, knowledge and support, from both your branch and the corporate office.

Q: As you’ve grown with Ross over the years, how does it feel to run your own branch?
The Flint branch is still very new to the community, but it is exciting, refreshing and scary all at the same time. We’ve been working toward this goal for many years, and I’m very happy to be where we are. I have the utmost confidence that we will continue to be successful as a branch. We have an amazing group of people in our branch that genuinely care about each individual, and we all have the same desires and goals.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to take their career as a loan officer or branch manager to the next level?
Protect your name and reputation, as well as Ross Mortgage’s, in everything you do. Do your due diligence with pre-approvals. Dot the i’s and cross the t’s. If you say you’re going to do something, do your absolute best to do exactly what you promised. Never tell someone what they want to hear. If you don’t know the answer, admit it and let the customer know you’ll get back to them with an answer as fast as you can. That’s how you earn the trust of customers, realtors and other industry partners.

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