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Should You Buy a House in the Winter?

December 23, 2015

As temperatures decrease, so does competition in the home buying market. Although warm weather offers pleasant moving conditions, there are numerous benefits to buying a house in the winter. Motivated sellers are one of the most alluring aspect to buying a house in the winter and will significantly benefit your bottom line.

It’s a buyers market in the winter and sellers are listing their homes at lower prices during the colder months. With fewer homes on the market and less homebuyers wanting to purchase, available homes are priced to sell. It’s also not as likely for a property to receive multiple offers, which means you’ll avoid the dreaded bidding war. 

Buying a home during the winter also gives you the upper hand. No matter the temperature outside, sellers are looking to sell their homes as soon as possible. Typically, there is less market activity around the holidays and winter, which makes sellers list their homes at sellable prices. Take advantage of this knowledge and negotiate the price, or make an offer lower than the listing price.

Another perk motivated sellers bring to the table is time. Time is of the essence in the spring and summer, but that’s not necessarily the case for winter. Most homebuyers have to act fast during the warmer months to secure their dream home due. With less market activity during the winter, homebuyers are able to take things a bit slower, which can be an advantage during one of the biggest purchases of your life! 

Buying a home in the winter will save you time, money and stress. Send us a message to get pre-approved now so you can start searching for a house as soon as possible!