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Summer DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Space

July 31, 2022

Take advantage of all the summer season has to offer by upgrading your backyard and spending time on projects to spruce up your space. Small outdoor structures and add-ons that can be used for entertainment, shade coverage or culinary purposes are hitting homeowner wish lists and are ideal for adding personality to a yard. Not only are these DIY projects and additions fun, they also add home value if you’re thinking about selling your home. 

Absorb the summer sun in a pleasant yard space with these summer projects.

Create a Privacy Wall

Shield your patio, deck or porch in style with a wood-crafted privacy screen. This DIY project is a great way to create seclusion and use up leftover wood. Aside from whipping out some nails and a hammer, try utilizing old doors, unused wood pieces or wooden pallets. 

To make the project more family-friendly or brighten up a dull garden, try giving the screen a lick of bright paint or stain to match surrounding wood features.

Design an Outdoor Kitchen

This unique chef-friendly feature can elevate your outdoor space to be multifunctional and serve many beneficial purposes, including: expansion of entertainment space, saving on utilities, maximizing your summer time cooking outside and more. And for an added bonus—25 percent of homes with outdoor kitchens sell for above expected value. 

Although a DIY outdoor kitchen is not necessarily a walk in the park, the end result is worth it! A fully functional, aesthetically pleasing outdoor kitchen will serve as the focal point of your outdoor space all season long and beyond. Just be prepped for some high-level planning—design, construction and material logistics—that make for a tricky upgrade.

Assemble a Pergola

A pergola is a simple yet beautiful structure, transforming your backyard into a relaxing oasis. Adding a pergola to your outdoor space can provide the perfect shaded area to cool off, entertain or just relax with an ice cold glass of lemonade. 

With the proper tools and help to get the posts and rafters up, pergolas can be easy to install. Try getting your hands on pergola kits at your local hardware store, equipped with pre-cut wood and all the required hardware.

Add a Pathway

Update your front entry, side yard or patio area by adding an elegant and purposeful pathway. Adding a permanent walkway is an inexpensive solution to help prevent erosion in heavy foot traffic yard areas and add dimension to your outdoor space. This DIY project can be completed in just a weekend, serving as a satisfying activity for the whole family to take part in.

Build a Fire Pit

Stay warm and enjoy a relaxing summer night around the fire roasting marshmallows and telling stories with a DIY fire pit. It’s a snug and warm way to optimize your outdoor sanctuary and cap off the day. Enhance the space with comfortable seating, market lights and colorful pillow accents to enjoy a starry night.


For additional advice and insights on which DIY outdoor projects can add the most value to your home, contact a Ross Mortgage professional today.