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First-Time Homebuyer Purchases Childhood Home In A Twist Of Fate

May 27, 2016

We love hearing back from our customers after they’ve settled into their new home. Today, Megan R. shares how she purchased her childhood home as a first-time homebuyer.

Everyone remembers the house they grew up in. From playtime with your siblings to bonding with your parents, these memories are some of the best you’ll ever make. The house you grew up in will always have a place in your heart. I, like most, feel this exact way about my childhood home.

My mom, brother and I moved into the house when I was in kindergarten and moved out when I was entering my first year of high school. Moving out was hard, but I secretly dreamt that someday I would buy it when I was ready to become a homeowner.

I’m no longer in high school. I’m a mom to my one-and-a half-year-old son, my fiancé and I are getting married next year, and I’m graduating from the University of Michigan Flint in August. A lot has changed, but the love for my childhood home has stayed the same.

In a strange, yet amazing, twist of fate, a good friend of mine recently reached out to tell me my childhood home was back on the market. Can you believe it? I hardly could, either!

Since I knew the house wouldn’t last long on the market, my mom—who worked with Ross Mortgage two years ago when purchasing her home—recommended reaching out to Ross. I quickly began working with their lending team to get pre-approved for a loan. Once approved, we put in an offer and waited.

When we received news that the current owners accepted a different offer, we were absolutely devastated. My dreams of moving out of our current apartment and into my childhood home to raise my son with my fiancé were crushed.

As I was finally coming to terms with the horrible news, I received a phone call from my loan officer letting me know that the offer fell through and the house was back on the market! We immediately put in another offer without hesitation. The next phone call held the exact news we’d been waiting to hear—our offer was accepted!

The entire process was a whirlwind, but a dream come true. We weren’t even in the process or mindset of buying a home, but this was an extremely rare circumstance, and we knew we had to do it. I knew my fiancé and I could make it work.

I’ve wanted this house since we moved out of it ten years ago. Now that I have my own son, buying this house means even more to me. My mom was a single mom who raised my brother and I by herself in that house. It has a lot of history and cherished memories tied to it for me, which makes it all the more special. It’s hard to explain how much it means to me, but I know it’s more meaningful for me than anyone else who could have bought it.

I appreciate so much of what the Ross Mortgage team did for me. This was my first time buying a home, so I had a ton of questions and they were always available with clear and concise answers.

Everyone I worked with was patient and went above and beyond to make sure the home buying process went as smooth as possible for us. I would recommend the Ross Mortgage team to anyone. It was a fantastic experience to have great people help, especially as a first-time homebuyer.

I’m looking forward to making my childhood home my own and raising my son in the house I grew up in. I couldn’t have done it without Ross Mortgage, and for that I am eternally grateful.

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