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Curb Appeal Ideas: 3 Ways to Help Your Home Sell Faster

May 20, 2016

Your yard says a lot more about your home than you think. Since the outside of your house is the first thing potential homebuyers will see, it’s important to make an impactful first impression. In fact, curb appeal is one of the main things homebuyers look at when deciding whether to buy a house.

A well-maintained yard and garden tells buyers that you take pride in your home and neighborhood, and also points to signs of having a well-kept interior. If you’re looking to sell your home this spring and summer, put your green thumb to work to maximize your home’s curb appeal with these nifty landscaping tips.

Get A (Lawn) Manicure

The appearance of your lawn is crucial to selling your home! Having a lush, green lawn sends an inviting message to potential homebuyers. Mowing your lawn before a realtor shows your home will kickstart a much needed great first impression. Be sure to weed and fertilize your lawn for stronger, healthier, better-looking grass.

Prune for Perfection

If you have trees, shrubs and bushes on your property, it’s wise to trim and shape them for a clean, neat look. Pruning your shrubbery also promotes healthy growth. Look for broken tree branches and limbs, stray branches on bushes and other unsightly imperfections.

If you happen to notice broken or unstable tree limbs, consider calling an arborist to have the branches professionally removed. This is especially important if said branches are positioned over your house, as it could be a safety hazard during the next storm.

Add Pops Of Color

While a yard full of lush green grass, trees and shrubs is aesthetically pleasing, a pop of color can make a huge impact. Think about purchasing perennial flowers in various colors to contrast the greenery in your yard. While you might not be at your current home for much longer, perennials are great investments as they come back each year.

Pave The Way

Create a path from your driveway to the backyard for a welcoming yard presentation. The path from front to back will serve as an enticing route for potential homebuyers to take when examining your house. Whether you choose gravel, flagstone pavers or brick, building your path with the most convenient route in mind will help potential homebuyers admire your property with ease.

Have you recently upped your home’s curb appeal? Share your favorite landscaping tips and suggestions in the comments!