Customer Stories

Special Customer Experience Touches Ross Mortgage Team

December 21, 2021

At Ross Mortgage, we understand the deep impact a mortgage can have on the lives and futures of the individuals and families we serve. A special opportunity to give back to one of our customers this holiday season presented itself to Loan Officer Samantha Wilson at our Glasgow, Kentucky branch. 

“We closed on a home today for a veteran that has had a really hard life. He has five kids. His daughter counted down the days until closing and kept letting him know how much time was left until they needed to leave. She is nine. She drew me this picture at closing. 

Child's drawing of new homeHer dad, the veteran, shook my hand and told me a story that made me lose my breath. He said, “She drew me a picture like that when she had to live in foster care, but now we have them back, and we are moving into that house. You’ve helped our dreams come true, and you don’t know how much I appreciate you.” 

I met this man at a community event, and he was very nervous to speak to me. He point blank told me his credit was not the best and that it was okay if I didn’t want to “waste my time with him.” He was certainly not a waste of my time, and I told him then that no matter what, I’d be happy to take his application and see what we could do. 


There are moments in life that knock the breath out of you, and today is one of those moments for me. 

I’m praying this family keeps improving and keeps having people encourage them to grow in all aspects of life. This was not a loan closing. This was their dream coming true. This was an insanely hard file, and I wasn’t sure sometimes how we were going to get there. I’m also 100% sure we couldn’t have made it without the guidance from my branch manager Matthew Stevens and the hard work from my loan partner, Devin. 

All the hands that touched this file have no idea what this loan closing means to this family, but I do. I saw it in the eyes of that little girl and her daddy.” 

This story showcases exactly why we do what we do and demonstrates the true impact of The Ross Way on our customers. In response to this amazing experience, we have decided to sponsor this special family for the holidays — our employees will make monetary contributions which Ross Mortgage will match. The money donated will be used to purchase furnishings for the family’s new dream home. 

Thank you to the entire Ross Mortgage team for continuously going above and beyond for our customers and helping them navigate life-changing moments on a daily basis.