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Why You Should Consider Fall House Hunting

October 28, 2021

If you’re in the market for a new home, you are likely aware of the difficulties that arose for many during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when it came to finding and closing on a dream home.

With limited inventory and high competition, many people settled on a property that did not fit their long-term needs, went over budget for a home with a lower down payment or resorted to other less ideal options.

Ross Mortgage Loan Officer Jenny Miller provides insights on why the fall might be the best time for you to jump into the homebuying market, especially if you are a parent with children that will need to relocate to a new school.


Starting Now vs. Waiting Until the New Year

Many homebuyers are faced with the decision of jumping back into house hunting this fall or renewing their lease and staying put until the new year. If you are ready and able to navigate the housing market, Jenny Miller says now is the time to start looking.

“Fall and winter are ideal times to buy because we know what payment and rates homebuyers are getting for the homes they’re viewing,” Miller said. “Homebuyers know what price range they should be shopping in versus waiting until next year. They could very well find themselves surprised by any increase in sales price or interest rates.  There is a cost to waiting and it’s not in the buyer’s favor.”

Relocating During the School Year

For many parents looking for a home, their child’s seamless transition to a new school and routine is top of mind. Finding a home in the spring and summer of 2021 in an ideal location with desired school districts was a challenge for many homebuyers due to increased competition and low inventory. With the impending school year, homebuyers were up against the wire if they started looking in June or didn’t have something in place by Labor Day.

If homebuyers start house hunting now, they may have better luck finding their dream home in an ideal school district. Transitioning into a new school or district is also historically much easier on kids after winter break and at the start of a new semester.

“December is historically my busiest month of the year,” Miller said. “Many families want to get settled into their new home and have a routine in place by the time the new year rolls around and school starts back up.”

Utilizing Mortgage Programs

Thanks to Ross Mortgage’s unique programs, including Guaranteed Pre-Approval (GPA) and Down Payment Assistance (DPA), you can stand out among competition and get into your dream home faster this fall.

A Guaranteed Pre-Approval turns your home bid into a cash offer, enabling sellers to accept with confidence knowing it’s as strong as, or superior to, any other offer they receive. Getting a Guaranteed Pre-Approval as a homebuyer is as easy as applying for any other loan application. Visit the Guaranteed Pre-Approval page to learn more.

The Ross Mortgage Down Payment Assistance Program (DPA) is geared toward homebuyers who may need help coming up with down payment or closing costs. With Ross Mortgage DPA, homebuyers have the opportunity to receive 3.5% of their dream home’s purchase price or appraised value (whichever is less). The amount they receive can be used for the down payment or closing costs.


The homebuying process is not always a walk in the park, which is why our dedicated team of loan officers are ready to help you on your homebuying journey. Contact us today to get the answers you’re looking for!