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Why Every Homebuyer Needs a Guaranteed Pre-Approval

June 11, 2021

Homebuyers in 2021 have found themselves in the midst of the most competitive housing market in history. Prompted by the sudden ability to work remotely, millions of Americans are relocating to homes with more privacy and space—something Zillow calls The Great Reshuffling.

With double-digit sale price increases and a sharp drop in supply compared to pre-pandemic levels, the market simply can’t keep up with the demand, creating a seller’s market where even the most modest of homes can fetch multiple offers over asking. 

What can a normal homebuyer do to stand out today? As champions for prospective homeowners, our team has spent months trying to solve this question. And we did—by introducing the Guaranteed Pre-Approval from Ross Mortgage. 


What’s a Guaranteed Pre-Approval?

A Guaranteed Pre-Approval turns your run-of-the-mill home bid into a pure, unadulterated cash offer, enabling sellers to accept with confidence knowing it’s as strong as, or superior to, any other offer they receive. 

To sweeten the pot, if the mortgage can’t close for whatever reason, Ross Mortgage will pay the home seller $1,000—no strings attached—to ensure they can expect a timely, guaranteed closing. Our willingness to put our money where our mouth is isn’t a gimmick, it’s simply confidence in the way we do business. 

Getting a Guaranteed Pre-Approval as a homebuyer is as easy as applying for any other loan application. Just get in touch with a Ross Mortgage loan officer to start the process, or visit our Guaranteed Pre-Approval page to learn more. 


For more information about Guaranteed Pre-Approval, check out the video below.