Customer Stories

One Client’s Journey From Foreclosure to Happy Homeowner

October 18, 2013

We love hearing back from our customers after they’ve settled into their new home. Today, Corey Minous talks about his journey to homeownership, and shares how he went from foreclosure to happy homeowner.

I don’t know about you, but the ability to own a home means a lot to me. For me, homeownership means providing my family with the stability of staying in one place and ensuring they have a place of their own to call home for many years to come.

While most people probably don’t think twice about their neighbors, the ability to walk to school or the smudge marks created by little fingers coloring on their walls, these simple treasures in life mean a lot to me and are things I want my children to fondly look back on when they reminisce about their childhood.

However, with a rocky financial history that included bankruptcy and foreclosure, I was unsure if I would be able to provide my family with the future I wanted them to have—that is, until I met Mark Wiedemann, a loan officer at Ross Mortgage Corporation’s Royal Oak branch.

Before I tell you about the extraordinary team of people at Ross Mortgage who helped me obtain an FHA loan, I must mention that this is not my first experience buying a home and working with a mortgage lender.

You see, years ago when I purchased my first home, I worked with a different mortgage company and was the victim of predatory lending practices. Everything about my first home buying experience was unpleasant, and I was ultimately forced to foreclose on my home and file for bankruptcy.

Due to the bad taste this previous lender left in my mouth, I was reluctant to enter the home buying process again. However, I soon found out that not every mortgage lender was the same.

I originally heard about Ross Mortgage from a fellow townhouse resident that was in the process of buying a home. After just one conversation with Mark Wiedemann, I was convinced he was the one who could help me become a homeowner again.

From the start, he provided a level of quality service I couldn’t fathom based on my past experience. He put my needs first, had my best interest at heart and helped me put together a homeownership plan that aligned with my financial goals.

After discussing my current financial state with Mark, he helped me put together a game plan to improve my financial situation and creditworthiness—guess what, it worked!

Over my 15-month journey to homeownership, Mark and the entire Ross Mortgage team conducted themselves as professionals and were very candid, transparent, sympathetic and understanding of my unique needs. They were sensitive to the fact that I was scarred from my previous experience and patiently answered any and all of the questions I had in a timely manner.

After having my questions answered and thoroughly reviewing my options, I decided to get an FHA loan because I felt comfortable with the terms, and it was ultimately the right fit for my family’s needs.

As you know, customer service is an invaluable asset. When executed properly, it makes the customer feel as though he or she is getting something they will benefit from. When you combine this with the fact that homeownership is one of the most delicate and critical investments anyone will ever make, it makes that trust so much more critical.

Other than the word “priceless,” the level of service Ross Mortgage provided me with can be summed up in two words, “world class.” It gives me great pleasure and humility to know that companies like Ross Mortgage exist. If there is anyone out there who feels like I did, and has the same past as I did, give Ross Mortgage a call. They can help you become a happy homeowner, just like they helped me.