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VIDEO: Visual System of Work Transforms Ross Mortgage

September 17, 2015

At Ross Mortgage, we are continually seeking out new ways to improve our operations and identify solutions that create an amazing experience for both our employees and customers.

With the help of David Lykken, Founder & Chief Transformation Officer at Transformational Mortgage Solutions, and David Lord, author of The Visual System of Work, we’ve transformed our approach to managing, executing, tracking and sharing the important projects that drive our business. More importantly, we’ve empowered our team members and loan officers by giving them the necessary tools to be successful.

Pulling Back the Curtain

As part of this transformative process, Ross Mortgage made the smart decision to change the way we “displayed” work internally. Walking around our office, it’s hard to turn a corner and not see a storyboard hanging from the wall. These storyboards are used to display the progress of key initiatives and everyday workflow, giving all team members the opportunity to see the business in motion and offer ideas and feedback. We’ve embraced this elevated level of collaboration and view it as a strategic differentiator within the industry. And, more importantly, we’ve engaged our team members to become part of the daily decision-making process. This approach has been incredibly helpful as our team navigates the new rules, regulations and processes associated with TRID.

Clarity Comes First

Have you ever been in a position where your job responsibilities just weren’t clear? A lack of defined expectations and direction can lead to confusion and inattention to results. Whether it’s capturing ideas or converting high-level concepts into actionable plans, we’ve implemented procedures designed to track the progress and success of projects that impact our business at every level.

To see our visual system of work in action, watch the video below.

Want to experience what it’s like working in such a transparent and collaborative environment? We’re always looking for great talent to join our team. Visit the Ross Mortgage careers section today.