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Tips and Tricks for Improving on Your Current Credit Score

June 19, 2019

With fall homebuying season at our doorstep, and other home-related purchases cropping up before winter sets in, now is the perfect time to dig in deep on your finances and learn how you can improve your credit score with these credit tips and tricks.

If you’ve got it, use it

 The best way to continually improve your credit score is one of the most straight forward approaches—use it! Whether that means opening one or two credit card accounts or borrowing a modest loan, showing creditors that you can maintain and manage credit is a big green light and will normally improve your credit.

Say “yes” to impress

As long as the following practice won’t entice you to spend more, you should always say “yes” to a creditor offering you a hike on your credit limit. Once again, showing growth when it comes to credit is paramount for building a great score. This also allows more wiggle room for your finances in case of an unforeseen emergency.

It’s about the little things  

If you’re in the early stages of building up a solid credit score, you’re likely still in that spot in life where you’re paying off student debt. Are you within range of paying those debts off completely? If so, do it! Ridding yourself of small, inconvenient debts is an excellent way to take black marks away from your credit score.

See something, say something

A vigilant borrow is a trusted borrower! Mistakes on credit reports happen a lot more often than you might think, so keeping an eye for bogus marks against your report are a quick way for your credit score to dip. There are plenty of companies and services available to obtain free credit checks, so take advantage!

Going all in on great credit? Consider a mortgage

Although it may initially seem like a chicken and the egg situation (I need good credit to get a mortgage and I need a mortgage to get good credit) this is a huge step in your guide to gaining great credit. Get with a Loan Officer today if you’re interested in finding a solution to your mortgage needs, it should always be the first stop in the home buying process.

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