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Organization Tips to Prepare Your Home for Back to School

August 25, 2017

When summer comes to a close, your beach days are suddenly replaced with hectic mornings and extracurricular activities. Even the most peaceful home can become lost in the chaos of sending kids the back to school.

It’s also worth noting that back to school season affects the entire home. From morning wake-up calls to the mad rush out the door before the first school bell rings, organization becomes key for families. How else are you going to ensure that everyone is wearing matching shoes and didn’t forget their lunches? These strategies will help prepare you and your home for a smooth transition from summer to fall.


Organize the entryway

Create a convenient launch pad or drop spot for backpacks, jackets and shoes. Designate a place for the items that your kids will need right as they’re walking out the door and want to get rid of right as they walk in. By having them store important items in the exact same spot each day, you’ll avoid the familiar phrase, “has anyone seen my…?” and the contents of your children’s backpacks won’t be strewn across the house.


The kitchen is the heart of the home

On school days, your kitchen will shift from a spot for hurried breakfasts and grab-and-go snack pickups to a homework-help center and family dinner space. So, it’s important to organize your kitchen based on your family and lifestyle.

Set up a lunch packing station by designating certain spots in the fridge for lunch items. Keep a basket in the pantry with parent-approved after school snacks so your kids don’t spoil their appetites. Creating organized spaces in your kitchen that prep the morning for success will keep this key area stress free.


Create the perfect study space

Design somewhere dedicated to homework and study supplies. Make sure the space fits the age of your kids by storing the right supplies and creating the appropriate environment. If they’re younger and will need more support and guidance, set up a space in the kitchen so you can assist them as you prepare dinner. If they’re older and a little more self-sufficient, set up a quieter space that will allow them to focus without being distracted.


Set up a command center

Keeping track of everyone’s fluctuating schedules is hard. So, setting up a central location to keep activities organized is ideal. Use your command center to display the family calendar, keep the kids’ chores list and post items for parental review, such as newsletters, school work and permission slips.


Clean the kids closets

It’s no secret that a tidy, streamlined area will make it easier to find what you’re looking for while reducing clutter. To start the new school year off on the right foot, head into your kids’ rooms and start with their closet.

Think of how easy your morning would be if you knew exactly where every sock, t-shirt and pair of pants was located. Though it may seem daunting, start by going through everything in the kids closets. Make sure their clothing fits and matches. Organize on shelves, in bins and with hangers. These tips will make choosing an outfit in the morning a breeze.


Enjoy the new school year in your organized home

Starting off a new school year is never easy. However, preparing your home ahead of time and always thinking one-step ahead will help get your family into a simple routine in no time. An organized home will benefit everyone in your household. Start with these few tips and tricks this back to school season and let us know what works for you.


Do you have any organizational advice? What are some unique back to school organization tips you use each year?