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Careers at Ross Mortgage: Why I Returned to Ross

March 29, 2018

As a family-owned and operated mortgage lender, we’ve built our reputation on professionalism, integrity and quality service for nearly 70 years. We make it a priority to recognize and reward our employees for their contributions to our continued growth and success, and it is our focus on career development and culture that has enabled us to build and retain an incredible team comprised of the most intelligent people in the business. We’re a company people retire from, not another stepping stone.

While everyone’s career path is different, and we’ve seen some wonderful staff members come and go throughout the years, we’re pleased that many of our team members stay with Ross for an average of 10 years. In fact, a few Ross team members who left to pursue other career opportunities ultimately decided Ross Mortgage was the right fit for them.

We sat down with four of our esteemed employees who recently rejoined the team to find out why they want to continue their mortgage careers with Ross Mortgage.

1. What motivated you to return to Ross? 

“I have always loved working at Ross Mortgage. The culture here is unlike any other. Everyone at Ross is a team player and we are always willing to assist each other. I feel Ross Mortgage truly cares about the agents and clients they work with. They’ve created a high standard of conducting business that ensures both employees and clients have a great experience and feel valued.” – Toni Thwaites, Branch Manager

“At my previous job, I was doing very well, but I felt a disappointment in the lack of company support and technology available at such a big company. Ross Mortgage has a large presence in the community with an outstanding reputation in the industry and truly cares about the success of its employees. Additionally, being a lender who works with first-time homebuyers often, the modern technology and training Ross provides to lenders is vital to the success of our company and our customers. Being able to text my clients a link to applications and cost calculators makes it easy to communicate with everyone on the home buying journey. And, nothing can compare to the people at Ross! Most of us have been here for a long time, and there’s a reason for it.” – Christine Corazza, Loan Officer

“When I would visit home from England during the three years I was gone, sometimes I would see my branch manager and my processors that I worked with before I moved. We’ve had a relationship for a long time, and I appreciate how ready and willing they were to have me back on the team when I moved home. I also respect and admire the client relationships at Ross. I think the Ross Mortgage approach aligns with how I like to treat clients, which is doing the right thing and taking care of our customers. It was nice to have that to come back to.” – Kathy Morris, Loan Officer

“I’ve always appreciated a company that allows a loan officer to brand themselves as an individual, and I found that when I left Ross Mortgage, many of the folks thought of me first and Ross second. This might sound like a bad thing, but for a loan officer who self-sources their business, it’s actually very important to have people remember your name. When I work with new customers, Ross is a very recognizable name in the real estate community and the local buyer community, which is important to our success as individuals and as a whole. People know, like and trust both you and the brand you represent, we’re continuously building and growing, and you’re with a company that knows how to get things done. It’s a recipe for success.” – Michael Fischer, Branch Manager

2. Why is Ross the right fit for you?

“I take each deal personally and work very hard to make sure the client has a great experience and receives excellent service. I believe my work etiquette goes hand-in-hand with the Ross Mortgage philosophy.” – Toni T.

“The community involvement we have, and the things we sponsor are important to me. Between philanthropic efforts, unbeatable company culture and advanced technology that allows me to better serve my clients, returning to Ross was a no-brainer.” – Christine C.

“I think that Ross is very customer-focused, and the company’s ability and dedication to deliver on-time mortgage closings to our customers is great. I feel incredibly responsible for all sides of the mortgage transaction, and to continue to be successful in this role, I must be able to deliver an impeccable experience for both homebuyers and real estate agents. I am proud to be with an organization that shares my goals, priorities and diligence.” – Kathy M.

“One of the biggest reasons why I came back to Ross was Tim Pascarella taking over as President. I feel that his focus on helping loan officers build businesses as entrepreneurs is something I don’t see at many mortgage companies in the country. Most people who focus on being great at sales and marketing haven’t honed the skills required to excel at running a business, but Ross provides the tools and training necessary to help our lenders succeed in every aspect of the business. It’s also part of their culture to support my passion for helping other loan officers through Military Mortgage Bootcamp and Loan Officer Acceleration, which means everything to me.” – Michael F.

3. What do you think sets Ross apart from the competition?

“Ross is efficient and timely in closing their loans. They strive to close faster and smoother with less conditions than other lenders. Ross is competitive with market rates and will gladly match an offer or give a concession to beat the competition. We have in-house underwriting and funding, so we can control the entire loan process from application to closing.” – Toni T.

“The people. We’re all friends. You get an overwhelming feeling of unity at Ross that you don’t get working at a big bank. It’s always a group effort to process loans and you receive an immense amount of internal support from start to finish.” – Christine C.

“Ross’ reputation for succinct, accurate closing packages is legendary. Even real estate agents, who have the opportunity to see a variety of lender closing packages at transaction, comment on it. I try to make the mortgage process as smooth as possible by communicating each step to my clients. I think the communication you provide to each party during the process, from loan origination to the closing table, is key.” – Kathy M.

“Along with their impeccable reputation in the community and dedication to employee success and satisfaction, they support our professional development and growth opportunities from all avenues.” – Michael F.

4. Are there any built-in tools or processes specific to Ross that have helped you in your career as a loan officer? If so, what are they and how did they help you?

“When I started at Ross Mortgage in 2010, I had seven years of mortgage experience, but I didn’t know a single real estate agent. The management at Ross Mortgage taught me how to work with the agent, how to capture business and how to build and maintain those relationships. I am so excited to return to Ross now with more experience, knowledge and referral partners.” – Toni T.

“A really innovative tool Ross has in place that allows us to text our customers is the My Mortgage mobile app. Working with millennial homebuyers often, you can imagine how much easier this tool makes it to communicate with clients anywhere at any time. Implementing DocuSign, which allows clients to securely electronically sign documents, is another tool that makes my job easier. As for professional development, they’re involved with our social media and blog platforms, which is so necessary in today’s world. Their presence online allows us to interact with more people than ever before.” – Christine C.

“As I’ve gone through renewing my license and relearning the system, there has been a notable change in software processes that makes it easier for me to communicate with my clients. I have never had another experience with a mortgage company that allowed loan officers to assist customers through mobile apps and online. That close contact allows our customers to have a finger on the pulse during every step of the process. Being a regional company, we have very personal experiences with our customers during the mortgage process, and these advances in technology allow us to greatly enhance them.” – Kathy M.

“Uniformity throughout the company when it comes to the systems and processes involved in taking a client from the beginning to the end of the process is vital to a rapidly growing company. Clarity with employees about how the process works and having a culture that allows them to know who to go to when they need help makes a difference to the long-term success of individuals and the company as a whole. It’s a long-term commitment to growing and building structure and systems paired with hiring quality people who know what works best in the mortgage industry that contribute to my success at Ross.” – Michael F.

5. Tell us about your role at Ross Mortgage. What are your career goals for 2018?

“I’ve been in the industry for 15 years and I’ve always been a loan officer, so starting a new chapter as the Birmingham Branch manager is very exciting for me! My focus for 2018 is to grow the Birmingham office. I want to hire one loan officer by the end of the year and focus on growing the Ross name in the Birmingham community. With the help of my full-time assistant and a full support team at Ross, I think we have a very successful year ahead of us.” – Toni T.

“I currently serve as a loan officer at the Rochester branch. I specialize in working with first-time homebuyers, 203(k) FHA loans and down payment assistance programs. Now that I have my own connections in the real estate industry and work under a branch manager who is dedicated to helping me achieve my goals, I’m ready to make 2018 my year. Though we’re a smaller branch and we have some tough competition, my goal is to help the Rochester branch be one of the top producing offices in volume.” – Christine C.

“I’ve been in the mortgage industry as a loan officer for about 17 years. I was with Ross from 2008-2014 until my husband took an assignment in England and we moved there for the last three years. I’m looking forward to continuing my career with Ross now that I’m back home! I’m hoping for a smooth transition that allows me to maintain close personal contact with both new and old clients. I would also like to start utilizing more technology to create an enhanced, more efficient mortgage lending experience for everyone involved.” – Kathy M.

“I serve as the branch manager of the Novi office, and I have a passion for helping loan officers grow and excel in their careers through my loan officer acceleration program. I always want to practice what I preach, so I hope to continue to nurture the relationships that I have and deliver for the customers that put their trust in me in 2018. I want to help the folks at Ross Mortgage become more efficient and stay in front of a larger audience on a daily basis. This will ultimately allow us to help more people and create more homeowners in the community by working smarter and more efficiently.” – Michael F.

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