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Best Online Home Buying Tools

March 17, 2017

The days of poring through newspaper listings to find a home are long gone. Today, homebuyers have access to a wide variety of online tools and apps that cover everything from finding a realtor, searching for a home, and calculating/obtaining a mortgage.

While we take great pride in our commitment to superior customer service and place a high value on personal interaction with clients, we realize that technology is playing a bigger role in the home buying process. As a company focused on the future, we strive to deliver high customer satisfaction by staying at the forefront of technology trends and providing our clients with powerful, more efficient solutions.

To help aid you along your journey to homeownership, here is a list of some of the best online home buying tools.

Best Online Tools for Buying a Home

Want to see what’s on the market in your preferred area without leaving your couch? Redfin is an online real estate platform that combines property listings with tax records and detailed analytics. The best part? Because it’s powered by MLS – which is used by real estate professionals – you can find new homes minutes after they’re listed! 

Trulia is much like Redfin in that it aggregates local MLS listings. But where this tool differs is through its robust information on neighborhoods. This includes heat maps covering nearby amenities, walkability, crime rates, affordability and a list of local schools and the quality of each. There are also several user-friendly functions that make it easy for homebuyers to search for houses, save their favorites and navigate the market.

If you have little ones, then safety should be of utmost importance when buying a home. CrimeReports is the nation’s largest collection of law enforcement agencies that aggregates up-to-the-minute crime data in the area you’re looking in.

Best Online Tools for Getting a Mortgage

My Mortgage App
The My Mortgage by Ross Mortgage app was built specifically for homebuyers looking to purchase property. The app allows you to calculate loan costs, save important loan officer information, scan/upload documents, receive status updates on your loan and read industry news alerts. Download the app now on your Apple or Android device!

Mortgage Calculator
Aside from being able to apply for a mortgage online, the Ross Mortgage website features more than a dozen mortgage calculators that allow you to, among many other things, determine how much house you can afford, calculate your monthly payment, discover which loan is right for you and make the decision between renting vs. buying.

Online Government Tools for Finding a Condo

 VA Condo PUD Search
If you’re a veteran looking for housing, the Department of Veteran Affairs offers an online tool to help you know whether a condominium complex is VA-approved, so you can receive the proper benefits.

HUD Condo Search
Interested in purchasing a condo? The Department of Housing and Urban Development allows homebuyers to search for FHA-approved condos by location, name or status.

USDA Rural Development Search
If living in a rural area is your dream, The Department of Agriculture offers an online tool that allows you to search for land approved for a special Rural Development loan that, among other benefits, allows you to purchase a home for 0% down.

While digital home buying tools are incredibly useful, nothing compares to the expert guidance of a Ross Mortgage loan officer. Send us a message to be connected with a representative who can answer your questions and guide you through the journey to homeownership.