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4 Tips to Help Grow Your Mortgage Business

August 15, 2019

Here are four quick tips to help you grow your mortgage business and strengthen your foothold in the market while doing so!

Be Known for Something  

There are certainly instances when being a jack of all trades will benefit you, when you’re looking to grow your mortgage business is not one of those times. One of the first things I do when I set out to grow my business or am asked how to grow a business is define the question: what do I want to be known for?

Being able to pick up small amounts of many types of loans will not likely net you the same level of results as being able to pick up the vast majority of a handful loans. I call it the Town Mayor approach, everyone in your town knows you and knows that you’re the best available for those types of loans, allowing your business to grow off reputation.

Act Like a Leader

Leaders put themselves out there. Leaders stand up on stage and get in front of the camera, all for the good of expanding the business. They do what’s expected of them, and that allows everyone else around them to put maximum focus toward growing the business. If someone wants to grow their business, I would first challenge them to be a leader.

Develop an Effective Social Media Presence

Creating a profile and sending out arbitrary messages is no longer enough in today’s hyper-competitive social media landscape. If you want to grow your business via social media, it’s important to do it through consistent messaging, effective audience building and value providing. Understanding your audience and their needs should be your priority when crafting a social media presence.

Define Roles and Optimize

Something that a great leader and likely a successful business manager will do is define the roles of each team member and allow them to optimize that role. Making sure everyone understands the importance of their work, no matter how seemingly small, and the impact that it will have on the end goal will do wonders for your bottom line. This tactic will also go a long way in ensuring that everyone’s work feels meaningful and will allow for you to focus on the previously mentioned tips.

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