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3 Types of Smart Gadgets Every Home Should Have

August 30, 2018

Are you ready to make your home a smart home? Just about every room in your house, as well as the exterior, can be outfitted with dozens of different smart devices that improve everything from security and health to convenience and entertainment. The number of smart products on the market has been rapidly growing, and the quality of the technology continues to impress.

To help make running your household easier and more efficient, here are a few smart home gadgets to consider.

Smart Security

In today’s world, many people are looking for security technology that keeps their home safe and secure. The peace of mind these smart gadgets bring, along with an added layer of convenience, makes their addition to your home a worthwhile investment.

One of the best DIY smart home security systems is Nest Secure. The kit is incredibly easy to arm and disarm, and its Nest Tag allows you to let trusted people in and out with ease. Window and door sensors immediately alert you to motion in a room, let off pleasant tones when people walk past them and even feature lights for navigation in the dark.

The August Smart Lock is a secure, keyless smart lock that uses your smartphone to sense when you’re coming and going–automatically locking and unlocking your door with ease. You can also remotely lock and unlock entries to let friends and family in when you’re away.

Amazon’s Cloud Security Camera is an indoor home security camera that projects an HD live feed right to your smartphone. The smart camera also has night vision and two-way audio, notifies you when it detects motion, features free 24-hour clip storage and works with other Amazon smart devices for extra convenience.

Smart Refrigerators

As the most important room in the house, the kitchen has long been a centerpiece for household invention and innovation, and even more so today with the proliferation of smart technology. Leading the charge are smart refrigerators, which can do virtually everything except cook your meal.

A smart fridge from Samsung comes embedded with a large touchscreen allowing you to plan a meal based on what foods are inside, add items to a shopping list, sync your family’s calendars, stream music or TV, control other smart home devices and much more.

Kenmore’s smart fridge is compatible with Amazon Alexa, which allows you to use voice commands to activate the ice maker, adjust the temperature and enable a host of other convenient features.

LG’s smart fridge lets you to knock on the glass twice to see the contents within. It can even transform into musical instruments to bring some lively entertainment to your kitchen.

Smart Showers 

If you think your shower is a place for cleanliness and relaxation now, just imagine what it could be when you add smart technology into the mix.

A smart shower device by Moen is Amazon Alexa compatible, allowing you to use voice commands to start, stop and pause your shower, set the temperature and even create presets customized just for you.

Elmer’s smart shower lets you control water temperature and flow rate from your smartphone, comes equipped with a sound system and even features an essential oil diffuser that releases in your water to create a soothing olfactory sensation.

Kohler’s digital showering experience uses a touchscreen interface to control every element of your shower–including temperature, timing, flow rate and shower head setting. You can also use voice commands to control lighting and music.

A smart bathtub–also from Kohler–automatically fills a bath to your desired depth and temperature and can be controlled through voice command.

What are you favorite smart home gadgets? Share them in the comments below!