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3 Things to Consider Before Moving In Together

February 13, 2014

Have you thought about moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend? If so, you’re not alone. Times have changed, and it’s not uncommon for unmarried couples to move in together before they officially tie the knot. In fact, the number of unmarried couples living together jumped 13 percent from 2009 to 7.5 million in 2011.

While the idea of moving in with your significant other may seem romantic, there’s more to living with someone than getting to wake up next to your sweetheart every day. The reality is, you’ll learn new things about your partner that you may not have known otherwise, such as their spending habits, their work ethic around the house and their ability to resolve conflicts, as well as their cute quirks (and not-so-cute quirks), too. Understanding this ahead of time and talking it through with your partner pre-move in will ensure a happy and harmonious home.

If you’re thinking about taking your relationship to the next level by moving in together, or buying a house together, here are three things you need to consider:  

Motivations for moving

What are your motivations for moving in together? Do you love spending time together? Do you want to make sure you’re compatible before you get married? Do you want to save on living expenses? Whatever your reasons are, make sure you and your significant other are on the same page. Oftentimes, moving in with someone sends the signal that you’re ready to take the relationship to the next level. Express your intentions upfront so your partner is not left wondering where the relationship is going.

Financial factors
With the ability to split living expenses, like rent, utilities and groceries, a lot of couples decide to move in together because it makes sense financially. However, you shouldn’t assume that everything will be split fifty-fifty. Before you move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend, have a conversation about finances. Come up with a budget and then decide how you will split the monthly expenses. Create a plan for making sure bills are paid on time and adjust your budget accordingly. Although you may not have a joint account just yet, your spending habits will still have an effect on each other, so make sure you both see eye to eye financially.

Standards of cleanliness
When you move in with someone else, you need to keep in mind that their idea of a clean house may be different than yours. They may even have a different way of doing chores than you do. This is where compromise comes in. Before you move in together, decide how you will divide the daily chores based on each other’s strengths. For example, if you hate mopping the floor but your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t mind, they can be responsible for making sure the floor is mopped on a weekly basis.

Making the decision to move in with someone is a major decision that can lead to many happy moments down the road. However, it’s one that requires careful consideration. By taking these four factors into consideration, you’ll start the next journey in your relationship off on the right foot.

What do you think is the most important factor to consider before moving in with someone?