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Mortgage Advice

Quick Tips to Make Moving into a New Home a Breeze

October 13, 2017

While your house hunt may be complete and the loan process is coming to a close, there is still more work to be done! Read on for some helpful…

Customer Stories

Moving to Another State: How Ross Mortgage Helped Me Relocate to Michigan

September 1, 2017

We love hearing from our customers after they’ve settled into their new homes. Today, Kevin P. shares why he chose to work with our team of Ross Mortgage lending…

Mortgage Advice

7 Hidden Costs of Buying a House

September 9, 2016

Tom and Katie are newlyweds hunting for their first home. After weeks of poring through listings, they eventually come across the house of their dreams, and it’s exactly within…

Industry News

3 Things to Consider Before Moving In Together

February 13, 2014

Have you thought about moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend? If so, you’re not alone. Times have changed, and it’s not uncommon for unmarried couples to move in…