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Home Organization Tips and Tricks That Will Get Your House In Shape in 2013

January 8, 2013

The New Year is officially here and with it comes a fresh start. While most people resolve to get themselves in shape by eating healthier and exercising more, why not resolve to get your house in shape this year by clearing the clutter? If you want to stay organized and feel more productive this year, use these clever and affordable home organization tips as inspiration on how to bring order to the chaos of clutter in your home.

Photo courtesy of A traditional entry design by Portland Interior Designer Garrison Hullinger of Interior Design Inc.

Photo courtesy of A traditional entry design by Portland Interior Designer Garrison Hullinger of Interior Design Inc.

Entryway. Your entryway says a lot about you. Make a good impression on guests and create a stress-free atmosphere by incorporating entryway essentials. Try adding a shelf that has hooks in your entryway. Not only does it offer a place for guests to hang their coats, but it also allows you to add a personal touch by displaying picture frames or decorations. If you have some extra space to work with, add a bench that has drawers to store your shoes in.

Photo courtesy of The 236.

Photo courtesy of The 236.

The entryway is a great place to put a mail slot. Find a wall organizer that matches your home decor to conveniently store incoming and outgoing mail. The entryway is also a great place to keep your keys. Try recreating Martha Stewart’s chic key rack. It’s a fun and simple do-it-yourself project and you’ll never lose your keys again!


Photo courtesy of iHeart Organizing.

Kitchen. Keep your pantry fully stocked and organized by storing food in stylish containers. You can print personalized labels at The Painted Hive.


Photo courtesy of Raquel English.

Ah, the dreaded Tupperware cabinet. Try sorting your Tupperware by size and storing the lids and dishes separately in properly labeled containers. You’ll avoid the catastrophe of a Tupperware explosion the next time you go to open the cupboard and you’ll be able to find the correct match every time.


Photo courtesy of Famous Home Blog.

Just like there can be too many cooks in the kitchen, there can be too many utensils in a drawer. Some kitchen utensils just don’t lay well in drawers. This innovative kitchen drawer allows you to neatly store spatulas, whisks and ladles.


Photo courtesy of Porch Light Interiors.

Bathroom. To keep your bathroom clean, fresh and cozy, install shelves and use wicker baskets to store washcloths, toiletries and beauty products. Also, try rolling hand towels instead of folding them. This will make your bathroom feel like an upscale hotel or day spa.


Photo courtesy of Suite Revival.

If you find that you’re running out of space in your bathroom cabinets, try thinking outside-the-cabinet. The Suite Revival blog explains how to repurpose spice racks as a way of organizing your collection of hair styling products. StickOnPods are another innovative way to neatly store toothbrushes, makeup, nail polish and other items that cannot conveniently fit in your cabinet.


Photo courtesy of Monarch Way.

Laundry Room & Utility Closet. Up until now, there hasn’t really been a good way of organizing the utility closet. By repurposing an over-the-door shoe organizer, you’re able to keep all of your cleaning supplies neatly located in one place. Better Homes and Gardens also shows you how to add shelves to your closet door as a way to make extra space. Be sure to label each shelf by the type of cleaning product so you can easily find what you’re looking for.


Photo courtesy of Sand & Sisal.

With an organized laundry room, sorting clothes is a cinch. The shelves added to this laundry room serve multiple purposes. Not only does it allow you to have a laundry basket for each individual, but it also serves as a folding table. Visit Sand and Sisal to see what this luxurious laundry room looked like before it was transformed.

An organized life starts with an organized home. By making a place for everything and having everything in its place, you’ll finally conquer the clutter in your home and stay organized all year-round.

Do you have any organizational advice? What are some unique storage solutions you’ve come up with for your home?

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