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Helping Realtors Identify Qualified Homebuyers Through the FHA Back to Work Program

November 21, 2013

As a continuation of our FHA Back to Work video series, Tim Ross, president of Ross Mortgage Corporation, explains what the FHA Back to Work program means for realtors serving consumers in today’s post-recession market.

As you may know, the FHA Back to Work program allows homebuyers who have experienced a bankruptcy, short sale, deed-in-lieu or foreclosure to reapply for mortgage credit in as little as one year after their economic event. As such, these consumers may be prospects for new housing today.

Our experienced loan officers are helping realtors leverage this new program to identify qualified homebuyers looking to reenter the housing market.

If you know consumers who meet these FHA requirements, or simply want to learn more about the FHA Back to Work program, visit, or give us a call at (800) 521-5362. We’ll put you in touch with a representative from our expert FHA lending team who can help you find qualified buyers.