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A Day In the Life of a Ross Mortgage Loan Processor

October 4, 2013

As part of our “A Day in the Life” employee profile series, we’d like to introduce you to Patti Quick of Group One Mortgage, our subsidiary branch in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Patti shares with us how she got started in the mortgage industry, and why she loves going to work every morning.

What is your title at Ross Mortgage and how many years of experience do you have in the mortgage industry?

My official title at Ross Mortgage is a loan processor, and I have been in the mortgage business for approximately 30 years. I started out as a receptionist and then proceeded to work in shipping, loan processing and even underwriting.

What were some of the major influences that led to your decision of becoming a loan processor?

Quite honestly, I was unexpectedly given the opportunity to work alongside our processing department. We’re a company that rallies together and helps each other out when the workload reaches capacity. It just so happened to be a busy time for our processing department, and they needed all hands on deck, so I helped provide the additional support they needed—little did I know at the time that it would be the career I wanted to pursue long-term!

What does your typical day look like and what are your key responsibilities? 

A loan processor doesn’t necessarily have a “typical day.” I can come into work thinking about my key tasks for the day and have my pre-planned schedule changed on a moment’s notice. You must be able to be flexible and adapt when new tasks arise. It is my responsibility to make sure everything is presented correctly to the underwriter, and I must say, this isn’t always an easy task.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is putting all of the pieces together. Every file is unique, and almost like putting together a puzzle. I really enjoy working with the borrowers that are first-time homebuyers. They appreciate everything that is done for them, and I love hearing the excitement in their voices when they are approved.

How do you stay updated on trends within the mortgage industry?

I rely heavily on my branch manager and the corporate office to stay updated on trends in the mortgage industry.  I also find Allregs to be a helpful resource for information.

What attributes and personality traits must one have to be a loan processor?

To be a loan processor, I think you need to be able to multitask. You need to be able to be work on many different tasks simultaneously, work well with other departments involved in the mortgage process and follow directions well. Patience is also a necessity.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering a career as a loan processor?

I would tell them that the nature of the job is both rewarding and challenging at the same time. I have played many roles in the mortgage industry, and I must say that my favorite is being a loan processor.

What makes Ross Mortgage a great company to work for?

I have been with Group One Mortgage, a subsidiary of Ross Mortgage Corporation located in Bloomfield Hills, for over twenty years. I have learned many things by working with this great group of people. I don’t just consider them my fellow employees, I consider them my family.  They are the best team anyone could ask for, and they make coming to work everyday easy.

Do you enjoy analyzing data, working with people and going above and beyond to satisfy clients’ needs? We’d love to have you on our processing team. If you’re interested in learning more about the careers available at Ross Mortgage, please visit our career opportunities page, or leave a comment below.