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A Day In The Life of a Ross Mortgage Loan Officer

June 21, 2013


Do you enjoy analyzing financial data and advising clients? A career in the mortgage industry might be right for you. To help you learn a little bit more about the job opportunities available in the mortgage industry, we’re starting a new series featuring some of the talented people here at Ross.

First up is Danielle Boote, a branch manager and loan originator based at our Brighton, MI, branch.

What is your title at Ross Mortgage and how many years of experience do you have in the mortgage industry?

I am currently the Branch Manager of the Brighton office and have been with Ross Mortgage for three years. I have been in the mortgage business since 1989.

What were some of the major influences that led to your decision of becoming a loan officer?

The first mortgage company I worked for was a fun, competitive office that was built to service the real estate market with a heavy focus on building relationships and serving the local community. I started as a backup receptionist and was quickly promoted into processing. I have also been in operations management and underwriting. I got interested in origination by accident, and found the flexibility worked well with my family schedule even though I work more than 40 hours per week.

What does your typical day look like and what are your key responsibilities?

I usually spend 8-12 hours per day in the office, six days a week. I arrive at the office between 8-9 a.m. every day and review the pipeline with my staff. This helps us prioritize what files need to be worked on first and what we need to go to underwriting or set a closing date. If I need to work on any files in process, my goal is to do that first thing in the morning so I can move on to pre-approvals, applications and incoming calls.

I meet with most of my clients in person to sign loan documents—this generally requires scheduling meetings in the evenings and weekends to accommodate their schedules. Although I do try to practice time management skills to manage the day, it can be a challenge at times as things are always changing. I never know how many new purchase agreements will come in on a given day that might change what I originally planned.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part is educating homebuyers on how the process works, what they can comfortably afford and helping them plan for the largest purchase in their lifetime. I love seeing a family’s dreams become reality. I’ve worked with many of my clients for more than 10 years, and they’ve become friends that I’ve had the pleasure of  watching their families grow.

Where do you see the mortgage industry heading in the next five years?

I feel the mortgage industry will remain strong over the next five years. Although I do expect rates to rise a little bit, I expect them to remain at attractive levels. The real estate market is very regional and what we are experiencing is different than what the rest of the country is seeing. In many cases, we are ahead of the recovery due to Michigan falling into the recession before the country was in it. I am optimistic that the mortgage industry will be brisk over the next five years, as we have settled into the new regulations and underwriting guidelines. Consumers will need the services of seasoned mortgage professionals.

What attributes and personality traits must one have to be a successful loan officer?

Honesty, integrity and attention to detail are required to be successful as a loan officer. Consumers are looking for someone they can trust that will educate them on the process and provide them fair rates and closing costs. It’s surprising to me how many clients I speak with that have spoken to another loan officer and failed to get any education about the process and what is required to obtain a mortgage.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering becoming a loan officer?

I feel that finding a mentor is a huge asset in this business. I also think that anyone getting into the business should be required to process mortgage applications and closings for a while before they become a loan officer. Experience has to be learned over time; just taking a class will not give someone the experience they need to survive on the street.

What makes Ross Mortgage a great company to work for?

After the housing market meltdown, I had almost given up hope on finding a decent mortgage company to work for—then I found Ross Mortgage Corporation. Old fashioned values of hard work, honesty and ethical lending practices are not something new for Ross Mortgage—they are practiced every day. These are the core values that the company was built on and continues to live by. They support their staff and branches, and give us the platform to perform for our clients. We have top notch staff in all departments that make working here fun.

Thanks for letting us feature you, Danielle!

At Ross Mortgage Corporation, we’re all about helping our loan officers expand their knowledge, enhance their reputation and excel at what they do best—providing exceptional customer service to the clients they serve.

We’d love to have you on our lending team. If you’re interested in learning more about the careers opportunities we offer, please visit our website, or leave a comment below.