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A Year in Review: 2015’s Top Blog Posts

December 18, 2015
From TRID to our home buying video series, discover which of our blog posts made the At Any Rate top 10 list in 2015.
Industry News

TRID: Lessons Learned from the Trenches

December 10, 2015
Now that TRID is here to stay, Tim Ross shares three key takeaways and best practices that real estate professionals should take to heart.
Mortgage Advice

4 Important Home Renovations to Add Resale Value

November 20, 2015
Renovations are a great way to add resale value to your home. Consider these important home renovations to get the best return on your investment.
Mortgage Advice

Is Private Mortgage Insurance a Bad Thing?

October 29, 2015

As we have mentioned in a previous blog post, private mortgage insurance (PMI) is very similar to property insurance. However, instead of protecting the homeowner against damage done to…

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Steps to Take After Getting Denied for a Mortgage

October 2, 2015

You’re in the market for a new home and you find the perfect bungalow in a great neighborhood. Excited and ready to sign on the dotted line, you meet…