Tom and Katie are newlyweds hunting for their first home. After weeks of poring through listings, they eventually come across the house of their dreams, and it’s exactly within their price range! They tour the home and fall even deeper in love with it, and quickly tell the realtor they’re ready to make an offer.

But while Tom and Katie’s dream house was exactly within their price range, they hadn’t given much thought to some of the other costs that come along with buying a house (more on these below). As a result, the couple had to back out and continue saving.

While Tom and Katie’s story is fictional, any first-time homebuyer can easily find themselves in the same situation if they don’t consider the all the costs of buying a house when evaluating their budget.

To prevent Tom and Katie’s story from becoming a reality for you, and to help give you a bit more sense of what to expect before you start searching for homes, we’re uncovering some of the hidden costs you might discover along your journey to homeownership.

When we say hidden costs, it doesn’t mean they are difficult to find or buried under fine print—but rather, they’re the associated costs that people often overlook during the home buying process.

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